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Denim and Plaid: Trending Casual Look

I’ve never been much of a plaid wearer. Most plaids are a bit too loud for my personal preference. Despite living in a region know for it’s plaid flannel (ever heard of L.L. Bean?), I’ve owned very little of it over the years. My own style leans towards softer, more subtle tones and patterns. However, the lack of plaid has changed for me this season.

Plaid is really trending lately, which means the variety of colors and patterns in plaid has grown in the past couple of seasons. I’ve recently found some really pretty plaids that fit in with my personal style. And it’s been so much fun!


The outfit I’m featuring here is so comfy and cozy. It’s casual and fun and definitely on trend. Perfect for a lazy day at home or a busy day running errands or chauffeuring kids around.

The skirt is one I up-cycled from a pair of denim trousers I got from ThredUp. I made them into a maxi skirt. I absolutely love this skirt and wear it all the time.


I’ve featured this bag before. It’s the perfect shade of navy. The leather of the bag gets softer the more I use it. And it’s just the right size for my needs. Definitely a favorite for me. Plus, using Ebates, clearance pricing, and coupon codes, I got a super great deal on it, which makes me love it even more!

Plaid perfection abounds in this shirt. The color combination is gorgeous and is just subdued enough for my taste without loosing impact. Flannel fabric makes this shirt so soft and cozy to wear. Yet, it’s lightweight enough to span seasons from fall, right through winter and even into early spring (at least up here in the frozen north where spring doesn’t come till late April).


Overall, I’m loving the look of this plaid shirt and denim skirt combo. It’s made regular appearances in recent weeks. I think I’ll be continuing to bring out this outfit often throughout the rest of the winter.

How do you feel about plaid? Are you a lover? A hater? A new convert like me?

What I Wore

Denim maxi skirt: up-cycled via ThredUp
Plaid flannel shirt: Coco and Main via Zulily or Shabby Apple
Navy Bag: east 5th via J.C. Penney
Boots: Jessica Simpson via Zulily
Earrings: Divine

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Erin Condren Life Planner: Start Your Year Organized


I am what might be considered a planner addict. I have been using a daily planner consistently since I was around 14 years old (back then I used it to keep track of school assignments and activities—yes, I will proudly admit that I was a huge nerd). That means I have over 25 years of experience with using a daily planner. Honestly, I have a hard time functioning without one.

See, told you I was a planner addict

I have used a lot of different planners over the years. Cheap Dollar Store versions, Day Timers, Filofax, free printable planners—I’ve used them all. It seemed that no matter what planner I tried, I had to compromise on what I really needed in some particular area. One planner would have a few things I liked, but inevitably there was something about the design or what the planner offered that didn’t fit perfectly with how I use my planners. So, I would make do.

That is, until I discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner. Finally, after all these years I’ve found a planner designed perfectly for me. It’s like the lovely folks at Erin Condren went inside my head to discover exactly what I’ve always been looking for in a planner. For the past three years, I have very happily used a Life Planner and I must say, I’m in planner heaven.

Why I love the Erin Condren Life Planner

I love the layout of the Life Planner. It’s clean and simple. I like that there are options to choose from on the weekly spread pages—you can choose between a vertical, horizontal, or time blocked layout. Personally, I’m a vertical layout gal.


There’s lots of white space throughout the planner, which I love. I like plenty of space to write my notes and lists. The boxes on the monthly spread are large and the design is simple.



Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the planner. They are well chosen and I find each one to be encouraging. These uplifting quotes are one of the hallmarks of the Erin Condren brand.


Those interchangeable covers, though!

One of the best and most unique features of the Life Planner is the interchangeable covers. The covers of the planner are designed to be able to be removed and replaced with a new or different cover. Additional covers can be ordered separately. And you can completely personalize any cover, which I love! Each season, new cover designs are released, making it so much fun to change out the cover depending on the time of year.

I can’t say enough good things about the Erin Condren Life Planner. I’m completely smitten. Can’t wait to start using my new Life Planner for 2017! Hooray for new years and fresh starts!

I simply love the Erin Condren Life Planner and wanted to share my experience with using it. If you use this referral link to the Erin Condren website, you will receive $10 off your first order from

How about you? Are you a fellow planner addict? Have you found a daily planner you absolutely love? Tell me about it in the comments.

Winter Fab Fit Fun Unboxing


Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription box I’ve been receiving for about a year now. Each box I’ve received has had a nice variety of products included. I’ve really enjoyed learning about new brands through the boxes as well.

I received my winter Fab Fit Fun box last week and I wanted to give you a little peek into what’s inside.

D.L & Co. Candle


This candle is so pretty. It’s a good size and seems really well made. And the scent is yummy! It’s listed as being Blackberry Nectar. Can’t wait to use this one!

Gorjana Necklace


What a pretty design on this necklace! It is a lariat style in gold. Very nice. Gorjana jewelry designs are so unique. They’re also very much on trend. I have a couple of their pieces and really like them.

Marie Mae Company Thank You Card set


You can never have too many note cards. These thank you note cards are cute and cheerful.

Moleskine 2017 Weekly Planner

I already ordered my day planner (an Erin Condren Life Planner—the best planner I’ve ever used!) for 2017, but my daughter wanted a weekly planner, so this will go to her. It’s even in her favorite color—purple!

Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara


I’ve only tried a couple of items from Butter London—their products tend to be on the pricier side. What I’ve tried, though, I really liked. I’m looking forward to trying this mascara.

O.R.G Skincare Mineral Face Peel

I’m not really sure what this product is or what it’s supposed to do. It should be interesting to try. That’s one of the things I like most about getting these subscription boxes; there are plenty of opportunities to try things I might not otherwise.

Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream

This body cream smells so good! The formula seems thick and creamy and moisturizing. Can’t wait to see what kind of results I get with this cream.

The booklet that is included in each box always highlights and explains a bit about each product. This box’s booklet also includes recipes, diy wrapping paper ideas, and photography tips. In addition to all that, in the booklet, there is information on Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organization that offers entertainment programs to chronically or terminally ill children.

The total retail value of this box is $252.95. The actual price of the box is significantly less than that ($49.99). Every box always turns out to be a great value. If you’re interested in subscribing to Fab Fit Fun to receive a box of your own each season, you can follow this link.

Hair Tutorial: Relaxed Chignon


Looking for a soft, feminine hair style for medium to long length hair? This relaxed chignon has a romantic feel and is extremely easy to do. It is a simple up do that requires very little hair styling skill to get really great results.

For this style, you will need: bobby pins, a hair tie or elastic (optional), and a Lila Rose flexiclip (also optional, but really adds to the overall look).

Step 1:

If you have straight hair with little to no texture, tease the hair at the crown of your head before gathering it and pulling it back. If you’re like me and have curly hair with plenty of texture, skip this step.

Step 2:

Gather the hair above your ears. Pull back loosely and pin with bobby pins. Keep it very loose and voluminous. I like to give it a little twist before pinning.


Step 3:

Gather the rest of your hair in a loose pony tail at the base of the neck. You can secure it in an elastic or hair tie, but I find if you use a flexiclip, an elastic is unnecessary.


Step 4:

Loosely twist the length of your hair, then coil it around the base of the pony tail you just made. Secure with bobby pins or a flexiclip. To use a flexiclip, open the clip, slide the pin under one side of the coiled hair and through to the other side, and latch the clip front over the end of the pin.

Step 5:

Adjust the hair to get the overall effect you want. Pull a few strands loose in the front to frame your face and give a romantic look. Finish off with a bit of hairspray if you like (I never use hairspray on this style. I find the flexiclip works great to hold my hair in place all day.)



Seems easy enough, right? This quick, simple hairstyle looks elegant and pretty. Have fun trying out this style!

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