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Organize Your Wardrobe in Five Easy Steps

The following article is a guest post by Demi Giles of CleanStart Cleaning Service, a UK based cleaning company.

organize your wardrobe in five easy steps

Organize Your Wardrobe in Five Easy Steps

Organizing the wardrobe is not an easy thing to do. After a while there are more and more clothes that we just throw in our wardrobe and there comes a moment when we are facing the problem of not being able to find the item of clothing that we want to wear or there is no place to hang our new clothes. Don’t worry, there are a few easy steps that you can follow to organize and make clean your wardrobe.

1. Make the decision to organize

You might feel unmotivated to tidy up and clean your wardrobe but if you have gotten to the point where you can’t find that favourite shirt of yours or you bought a few new clothes and you cannot find any space to put them in, you are in a desperate need of a change in your wardrobe.

2. Take out everything

The most reliable way to do a proper organizing is to clean the entire inside of your wardrobe. Take out all the clothes and wipe the inside of the closet with a clean cloth. Now you can start with the actual organizing.

3. Take a good look around

We are all guilty of keeping clothes that we might never wear again but we just can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. However, there is no point in keeping useless clothing items which only make the clutter in your closet even bigger. Look around and decide which clothes you are actually wearing and which haven’t been worn in the last few years.

Of course there are seasonal clothes which you don’t have to throw away just because you are not wearing them now but I am sure that there are certain things you wear all the time and there are clothes which haven’t left the premises of your home in a long time. You can always sell or donate your old clothes when you want to get rid of them.

4. Organize for easy access

When you have finally decided which clothes you are keeping and which you are throwing away or donating, the time to finally put the clothes back in the wardrobe has come. If you put your clothes in order the clutter in your closet is bound to be more manageable. An easy trick to do a proper organizing is to keep the clothing items that you use often on your eye-level. This will give you a quick and easy access to clothes you wear every day.

The seasonal clothes which you are not wearing right now and the clothing items you keep only for certain occasions, you can stack them below your eye level and if there are still items you decide to keep but you don’t intend to use soon, you can put them up high.

5. Re-organize your wardrobe at the end of every season

A good way to keep your wardrobe in check is to do a re-organizing and cleaning by the end of every season. That way you can put away the clothes you won’t be wearing for the next few months and you will make space for the ones you are going to need this season.

Organizing and cleaning your closet is not that difficult. The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should be realistic and really keep only the clothes you are wearing for sure. That way you can avoid the clutter and you will be able to find your clothes much easier and faster. If you follow these few simple steps your wardrobe is going to look tidy in no time.

How to Create a Morning Routine


Having a morning routine can be incredibly helpful. The benefits of a regular morning routine include better productivity, efficiency, improved mindset and attitude, and a smoother start to the day. If you don’t have a regular morning routine, I highly suggest developing one.

I have several tips on how to create an effective morning routine, one that will get your day off to the very best start.

Tip 1: List Tasks Needing to be Accomplished

Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish each morning. Include everything—brushing your teeth, showering, exercise, breakfast. Write it all down, so you know exactly what needs to be included in your routine each day.

Tip 2: Figure Out How Long Each Task Will Take

Assign a time frame to each item on the list. Of course, this is a ball park estimate. It doesn’t have to be exact.

Tip 3: Assign an Order to the Tasks

Decide what tasks should be done in what order. Will you brush your teeth first, or shower first? When will you eat breakfast? Place each task in the order that makes the most sense. Write down the order and keep this list handy for reference

Tip 4: Find a Rhythm

Begin implementing the order you assigned to each morning task, referring to your list if needed. Reevaluate and see if anything needs to be shifted around. Allow yourself to fall into a natural rhythm.

Tip 5: Make it a Habit

Keep at it each day until it becomes a habit. Do each task in the relatively same order each day until it is second nature.

Tip 6: Be Consistent

Continue with the routine each day. The longer you follow the routine, the easier and more smoothly it will flow. You’ll speed through your morning, knowing you’ve covered all your bases and gotten every task done that you needed to.

Tip 7: Reevaluate and Revamp

If after a while you find your routine isn’t working for you anymore, reevaluate to see if any changes or adjustments need to be made. It’s a good idea to do this on occasion anyway, as needs and priorities change and a morning routine may have to change with them.

A morning routine is a helpful tool. Making one work for you can make your mornings easier and your outlook better.

It works for me!

Erin Condren Life Planner: Start Your Year Organized


I am what might be considered a planner addict. I have been using a daily planner consistently since I was around 14 years old (back then I used it to keep track of school assignments and activities—yes, I will proudly admit that I was a huge nerd). That means I have over 25 years of experience with using a daily planner. Honestly, I have a hard time functioning without one.

See, told you I was a planner addict

I have used a lot of different planners over the years. Cheap Dollar Store versions, Day Timers, Filofax, free printable planners—I’ve used them all. It seemed that no matter what planner I tried, I had to compromise on what I really needed in some particular area. One planner would have a few things I liked, but inevitably there was something about the design or what the planner offered that didn’t fit perfectly with how I use my planners. So, I would make do.

That is, until I discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner. Finally, after all these years I’ve found a planner designed perfectly for me. It’s like the lovely folks at Erin Condren went inside my head to discover exactly what I’ve always been looking for in a planner. For the past three years, I have very happily used a Life Planner and I must say, I’m in planner heaven.

Why I love the Erin Condren Life Planner

I love the layout of the Life Planner. It’s clean and simple. I like that there are options to choose from on the weekly spread pages—you can choose between a vertical, horizontal, or time blocked layout. Personally, I’m a vertical layout gal.


There’s lots of white space throughout the planner, which I love. I like plenty of space to write my notes and lists. The boxes on the monthly spread are large and the design is simple.



Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the planner. They are well chosen and I find each one to be encouraging. These uplifting quotes are one of the hallmarks of the Erin Condren brand.


Those interchangeable covers, though!

One of the best and most unique features of the Life Planner is the interchangeable covers. The covers of the planner are designed to be able to be removed and replaced with a new or different cover. Additional covers can be ordered separately. And you can completely personalize any cover, which I love! Each season, new cover designs are released, making it so much fun to change out the cover depending on the time of year.

I can’t say enough good things about the Erin Condren Life Planner. I’m completely smitten. Can’t wait to start using my new Life Planner for 2017! Hooray for new years and fresh starts!

I simply love the Erin Condren Life Planner and wanted to share my experience with using it. If you use this referral link to the Erin Condren website, you will receive $10 off your first order from

How about you? Are you a fellow planner addict? Have you found a daily planner you absolutely love? Tell me about it in the comments.

12 Clever Ideas for Organizing a Scarf Collection


Okay, I will admit it. I am rather obsessed with scarves. My scarf collection is extensive. And by extensive, I mean excessive.

I just can’t seem to help myself. No matter how much I tell myself I don’t need any more scarves, another little beauty comes to my attention, and next thing I know, I’m taking it home with me.

It’s just that scarves really are the perfect accessory. They can dress up (or down) any outfit. They can tie separate clothing pieces together, helping to make a look cohesive and complete. And they can provide that necessary pop of color to a an otherwise simple outfit.

There is such an array of styles, color, patterns, and fabrics to choose from when choosing a scarf. It’s no wonder my philosophy is “You can never have too many scarves or too many books.”

So, as you can see, I’m fully settled in my justification of my scarf collection. I am, at this point, unapologetic about the entire situation regarding the number of scarves I own.

There is only one problem with the size of said scarf collection. I have to find somewhere to keep all of them when I’m not wearing them.

This may not be a problem for most normal scarf collections. But as I’ve stated, mine is not normal. At last count, I believe I owned around 35 scarves. And I actually do wear most of them on a fairly regular basis.

I know, I know.

I told you it was excessive.

So, what am I supposed to do with all these scarves when I’m not wearing them?

A while back, I did a little research and came up with several good options for scarf storage.

Here are some of the best ones: (Images have clickable links.)


Here’s another…

And another…

This is a fun one…

This one is unusual…

Here’s more…

Just a couple more…


This is the one I decided to use in my own closet. The framework of the hanger is smooth, so it will not snag more delicate scarves. It holds a ton of scarves as well. I can (almost) fit my entire collection on this one hanger. It also makes it easy to see all the scarves.


I hope this gives you some ideas on how to store your own scarf collection.

So,tell me, do you have as many scarves as I do?

Speaking of scarves, did you know I’m giving away a beautiful, soft, cozy plaid blanket scarf? Really, I am. Would you like to be the one to receive it? Then enter the giveaway and you may be chosen to win!

Please note: This post contains no affiliate links.

How to Plan Outfits Using Evernote


Have you ever stood in front of your closet with no idea what to choose to wear that day? Does it seem like you are always scrambling in the morning, trying to come up with a put together outfit but coming up short? Are you crunched for time most days and wish you had a system to help you get dressed quickly each morning?

A while back, I discovered a little trick that has helped me tremendously in planning my outfits and organizing my wardrobe. I made this discovery when I was preparing for a trip, and I have found that it can be extremely useful for everyday wardrobe planning as well.

My helpful little trip utilizes the amazing app known as Evernote.

Have you heard of Evernote? You can read my more complete review of this app here. For now, suffice it to say I really love this app. The possibilities to use Evernote are limitless. It can help you simplify and organize your life in so many ways.

One of the ways Evernote can help get your life organized is outfit planning. Here’s how I use Evernote to plan my outfits.

1. Think about the week ahead.

What activities will you be doing that week? Where will you be going? Are there any special wardrobe items you will need to have ready for a certain day that week? Thinking ahead gives you a chance to evaluate what sort of choices you will need to make when it comes to your clothing for the upcoming days.

2. Choose an outfit for each day of the entire week.

This may seem like a lot of work all at once. After all, the idea is to make this process easier, right? But trust me, this makes it so much simpler to plan your looks for the week. Choosing 5, 6, or 7 outfits at a time doesn’t really take that much longer than choosing 1.

Think about it; you’re already in outfit planning mode. Taking a block of time to pull out, match up, and lay out your choices will save so much time when you are actually getting ready on a given day during the week. You won’t have to stop and think about which top you’ll pair with which bottom and which shoes go with those. All that decision making has already been done.

3. Lay out or try on your outfit choices.

One by one, lay out your choices—on your bed, on the floor, maybe hanging up on a clothes hanger. Lay out or hang them anywhere you can get a good overview of them. You can even try each outfit on. (That’s what I usually do.)

4. Take a good, clear photo of each outfit.

A good photo of your planned outfits is an extremely useful tool. As you’ll see in the next step, it is an essential part of this process. Make sure it’s well lit and you’ve included everything in the photo that you want as part of the outfit. Shoes, belt, jewelry, even handbag. Everything.

5. Add the photos to a note in Evernote

Open up your Evernote app (if you don’t have Evernote yet, you can open a account and download the app for FREE here). Add a new note. Upload the outfit pictures you just took to the new note you just created. Save and file the note in an appropriate notebook within the app.

6. Use the note in Evernote as a guide

Now you have a handy reference for the outfits you have planned out ahead of time. As you get ready in the morning, refer to your note in the Evernote app. All the details are already there; all you have to do is pull out the items that make up the outfit and get dressed!

After a while, you will have a good sized library of outfit ideas to look to for inspiration. Your closet will come alive with possibilities!

This little trick has worked beautifully for me, especially when I am planning for travel. It helps me streamline my packing process and make the job so much easier.

Plus, it can kind of feel like playing dress up in your own closet!

If you try out this idea, and it works for you as well as it has for me, I’d love to know!

If you have an outfit planning system that works great for you, please share in the comments. I always like to hear new ideas!


Please note: This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something using one of my links. This helps cover the expense of running the site while keeping the content 100% free. Note that I only recommend products I believe in. Your support is appreciated!

5 Apps That Help You Stay Organized

Blog Post Graphic2

As a homeschooling mom with a lot going on in my life and a busy schedule to keep track of, I have discovered the value of using mobile apps to stay organized. Here is a list of 5 of my favorite apps. I have used each of these apps and find them especially helpful. (Because an app is really only useful if you actually use it.) is an app that helps you keep your lists and notes together, accessible, and easy to organize. Manage your to do lists, schedule reminders on upcoming tasks, or keep a daily planner. You can even add notes and upload files to the app. It will sync everything across all your devices.


TickTick is a task and time management app that enables you to keep lists, set reminders, and organize your calendar, all in one place. It even has a variety of attractive themes to choose from, so it can be customized to your preferences. And of course, it syncs across devices.


Dropbox can be extremely helpful for keeping and organizing files. It’s also a great platform to use for sharing files. If you are unfamiliar with Dropbox, it is a Cloud-based file system. You can download the app to your mobile device or computer, save files in Dropbox, and share files with others who have Dropbox access. The uses for Dropbox are limitless!

Google Keep

Google Keep is an amazing little app that enables you to save lists, photos, and even audio files. You can file away all your thoughts, ideas, and memories in one nifty, organized place. It has lots of other features as well, such as location-based or time-based reminders and the ability to color code everything. It will also sync across devices and can connect with other Google Keep users.


And last but not least, my personal favorite app for keeping organized is Evernote. Evernote is a place to keep and file all sorts of things, including but not limited to emails, websites, notes, lists, ideas and so much more. You can even take a photo of an actual physical note or bill and, using Evernote’s built in scanner, create and store a file from it right in the app. You can file all that info away in a systematic way. It is so easy to find something once you’ve stored it in Evernote.

With Dropbox as a close second, I use Evernote by far the most of all these apps. I use it for storing and organizing important or useful information in a place. I love that I can easily access all my information from any of my devices. The layout is simple and there are many helpful features, such as the search bar and a tagging system.

I’m more of a pen and paper daily planner user myself, but for those who prefer an electronic based calendar, Tick Tick and are great options. Evernote and Google Keep are both amazingly helpful for storing all those lists, receipts and emails you need to keep track of. And Dropbox is by far the best and most widely used file sharing app. It’s also a perfect place to safely store important files (even photos!) in the Cloud.

You can save time and keep yourself organized with any of these helpful apps. Use them and you’ll knock out that to do list or remember those important appointments effortlessly!

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