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If you have read any of my other Modest Fashion Friday posts, you may have noticed that I have an affinity for maxi skirts. I love how flowy and feminine they are. And modesty is usually a given in a maxi skirt. The length keeps you covered (and then some). Knit maxis are my favorite because they are so comfortable, it’s like wearing your pajamas all day–while still looking fabulously put together!

Maxi skirts are a trend that is enduring. I think that may be because they are so wearable for just about every woman. The length is flattering. And they come in just about every fabric, color, and style you can imagine.

I think I might own 8 or 9 maxi skirts, most of which are made of knit. I may or may not be slightly addicted. {ahem}

Another trend that seems to be hanging around is ombre. It adds such interest to a garment. No longer relegated merely to the boho style, ombre is becoming a classic.


This knit maxi has a beautiful deep raspberry and navy ombre effect. It’s just so lovely, I can’t stop wearing it. I love the look of it with this surplice style sweater and navy halftee. It’s such a pretty, feminine combination. The sweater is soft and comfy. This outfit is the epitome of stylish comfort.

What I Wore:

Maxi skirt: Dressing Your Truth (I found one similar here)
Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT via ThredUp
Halftee: Halftee via Deborah and Co.


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