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The following article is a guest post by Demi Giles of CleanStart Cleaning Service, a UK based cleaning company.

organize your wardrobe in five easy steps

Organize Your Wardrobe in Five Easy Steps

Organizing the wardrobe is not an easy thing to do. After a while there are more and more clothes that we just throw in our wardrobe and there comes a moment when we are facing the problem of not being able to find the item of clothing that we want to wear or there is no place to hang our new clothes. Don’t worry, there are a few easy steps that you can follow to organize and make clean your wardrobe.

1. Make the decision to organize

You might feel unmotivated to tidy up and clean your wardrobe but if you have gotten to the point where you can’t find that favourite shirt of yours or you bought a few new clothes and you cannot find any space to put them in, you are in a desperate need of a change in your wardrobe.

2. Take out everything

The most reliable way to do a proper organizing is to clean the entire inside of your wardrobe. Take out all the clothes and wipe the inside of the closet with a clean cloth. Now you can start with the actual organizing.

3. Take a good look around

We are all guilty of keeping clothes that we might never wear again but we just can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. However, there is no point in keeping useless clothing items which only make the clutter in your closet even bigger. Look around and decide which clothes you are actually wearing and which haven’t been worn in the last few years.

Of course there are seasonal clothes which you don’t have to throw away just because you are not wearing them now but I am sure that there are certain things you wear all the time and there are clothes which haven’t left the premises of your home in a long time. You can always sell or donate your old clothes when you want to get rid of them.

4. Organize for easy access

When you have finally decided which clothes you are keeping and which you are throwing away or donating, the time to finally put the clothes back in the wardrobe has come. If you put your clothes in order the clutter in your closet is bound to be more manageable. An easy trick to do a proper organizing is to keep the clothing items that you use often on your eye-level. This will give you a quick and easy access to clothes you wear every day.

The seasonal clothes which you are not wearing right now and the clothing items you keep only for certain occasions, you can stack them below your eye level and if there are still items you decide to keep but you don’t intend to use soon, you can put them up high.

5. Re-organize your wardrobe at the end of every season

A good way to keep your wardrobe in check is to do a re-organizing and cleaning by the end of every season. That way you can put away the clothes you won’t be wearing for the next few months and you will make space for the ones you are going to need this season.

Organizing and cleaning your closet is not that difficult. The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should be realistic and really keep only the clothes you are wearing for sure. That way you can avoid the clutter and you will be able to find your clothes much easier and faster. If you follow these few simple steps your wardrobe is going to look tidy in no time.

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